Saturday, June 4, 2011

Muni at Bay Park West

I swear Mother Nature is against me. She knew I wanted to ride this morning and despite the 10% chance, it rained. But only a little, and it let up, so I headed to Bay Park West. This was my first time back there since last year.

It's a tough area to ride for me with its many hills. But I noticed the trails were smoother than last time, because they've been ridden a lot more since then. And they're in great condition.

I stopped in at Tryon Bike Shop yesterday and picked up some supplements to try.
At home, before leaving for my ride, I ingested a Rocket Chocolate Honey Stinger bar and half a serving of No-Xplode.

The instructions on the No-Xplode make it seem like you're going to turn into Mr. Hyde if you take too much. It suggests taking half a serving to start and wait an hour to see the effects. I didn't bring the second half with me.

I was expecting to feel some kind of super power boost. I figured I'd be jumping of the walls... err trees. Not so much.

Probably 30 minutes into my ride I was wondering where my extra energy was. It's a tough place to ride, so I decided to down a PowerBar energy gel pack. It was the Double Latte flavor with twice the caffeine.

I continued my ride and never felt anything special.

At some point on my journey out of the trails I was feeling a bit hungry. I ate a few bites of a PowerBar.

I completed my ride feeling like I usually do.

I did ride up more hills than I have there, but there were still plenty of hills I ran out of steam on. There were plenty of times that I stopped for minutes to catch my breath. I feel like I met my expectations given my current fitness and skill levels.
So I'm not convinced any of those energy food/supplements helped. I wish I could have a vision of the alternate reality for comparison.

It started raining about 20 minutes before I got out of the trails. The trails started to get a bit greasy, but nothing too bad.

I rode 5.4 miles, which is a lot for me, on those trails.
I mapped my ride, but doesn't seem to be working. I'll try again later.

EDIT: Finally, two days later, my EveryTrail upload is working.

Muni at Bay Park West - 2011-06-14

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