Saturday, June 11, 2011

Good Muni at BPW

I arrived at Bay Park West this morning just after 8:00. I wanted to beat the heat and rain, and I did.

I'm happy with my ride because I made some good accomplishments. I climbed some hills I've never finished before, got farther up several, side hopped a nice log, and got down a small ravine that I didn't last time.

There are several trail heads into BPW, but I favor the Homewood Lane entrance, on the west side of the park. The others ways start with significant hill climbs. Once I get closer to those trail heads on the east side, there is basically three downhills to choose from. The all currently are dead ends and thus require me to come back the same way. Unlike last time, I chose the one I favor and skipped the others completely. I wanted to save more energy this time for the way back. In the future the green trail will create a loop. But to my knowledge that trail is not officially complete. There is a new boardwalk leading into it from the east. That looked pretty nice!

The downside of starting from Homewood is that it leaves a long hill climb for me at the end of my ride, when I'm most tired. Today I may have discovered a technique to help me with this. All I did was went very slow. Before I knew it I was farther than I had gotten in the past. I still ended up walking up a good portion, but progress was made, and for the first time I feel like that climb is possible for me.

I rode 4 miles:

Muni at Bay Park West - 2011-06-11

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