Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Muni at Skytop

Yesterday I got an email from Steveyo, one of my Albany muni friends. He was going to be in Syracuse today and wanted to know if I was up for a ride. Hell yeah!

I took a vacation day and drove almost 2 hours to the Skytop trails in Syracuse.
The trails are in the wooded areas around an old rock quarry. "Private Property" signs are posted all around, but it is well known place to ride. I've heard of people getting in trouble for trespassing, but it's rare. The only other alternatives were trails that sounded too easy, or were too far out of our way. I stopped at The Bikery bike shop along the way for advice about Skytop. One of the guys there convinced me that we'd be ok there, despite the legalities. Thanks!

The trails we rode were almost all singletrack. It had a great combination of smooth flowy dirt and many rock gardens. It challenged us both very nicely. We found ourselves trying and retrying technical areas. Having Steveyo there helped push me a bit, especially with rocky step-like descents. But there were a good number of difficult sections we gave up on or had to skip. They'll be waiting for us next time, and we both agreed there should be a next time. Plus there are trails we didn't have time to explore.

We don't know of any muni riders in Syracuse. I wonder if we are the first ones to visit Skytop.

Muni at Skytop - 2011-06-25

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