Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fat Tire Weeknight Series Race #3

Even though I rode in Syracuse today, I decided to give this week's Fat Tire Weeknight race a try.

The juniors all went before the adult racers this time, and we waited for them to complete. So I didn't have them chasing me and passing. Plus I didn't have to fix anyone's chain this time!

There were a few female beginner riders that I kept up with. I was near one of them for most of my first lap. I was able to power over a log I usually dismount for, right in front of her. So that was cool. I like to show those two-wheelers what's possible.

Unfortunately my lower back was fatigued and my first lap was my last. It felt like a bad idea to keep going. Oh well.

It had rained earlier today and some of the trail had bit puddles and muddy turns. Unfortunately this was in the area that I had found my high gear to be most effective. But having to be cautious on the turns slowed me down and caused me to UPD several times. It can be hard to keep the high gear going in those conditions, and probably added to my fatigue.

The next race in this series will be in two weeks due to the 4th of July.

Fat Tire Weeknight Series Race #3 - 2011-06-28

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