Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ambidextrous Ride at Dryer

As I mentioned in a previous post, I think I'd be better off hopping with my right hand. That really means I should be riding in general with that hand. So I forced myself to use my right hand to hold my seat on hills and rough terrain at Dryer this morning.
At first it was awkward but I got better. And then I found I was more comfortable holding right when turning left, and holding left when turning right, at least when climbing and descending. In the past, when I was only holding with my left hand, I found turning left was a bit sketchy. So being ambidextrous in this way is probably a good thing.

My ride was ok, but I was unpleasantly reminded that Dryer is pretty much all hills. It gets frustrating because I'll accomplish one hill climb, but fail the next because I'm too spent.
My lower back fatigued earlier than I would have liked. So I didn't stay too long... about an hour.

After the never ending downhill switchbacks of Owl's Maze (the winding path on my map), I knew I was stuck with climbing out. I often take the Elevator trail but it's too steep to ride, so I chose a different one, without having a map. It ended up being CMP, which is a black diamond and part way through it became clear it is intended as a downhill, not up. It also has huge berms which seem pointless unless you're on a fast moving, coasting mountain bike. So I walked the whole thing. Blah.

Muni at Dryer - 2010-08-28

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