Saturday, August 7, 2010

Four at Tryon

I met Mj and Colin around 11am today. Colin brought another rider, John. I didn't even know there were any other riders in the area. It sounds like he doesn't ride very often, but he did pretty well on the trails.

Unfortunately Mj had to leave soon after our ride due to a prior obligation. But it was cool that she came out for at least a short ride.

Left to right: Mj, me, Colin, John

We rode in the south end of Tryon where I often ride. But then I wanted to find some trails at Tryon called the Clover Leaf Trails. We got real close I think, but never quite found them. But I wasn't carrying a map. We ended up hitting Browncroft Road and road up the hill on the shoulder back to our cars. We then hiked around the edge of the nearby apartments looking for a trail head. But the wooded area around the apartments started with an immediate drop off and no trails were found. Colin and John soon left, and I rode a little bit more in the area I'm familiar with. I had to go back and practice some more hill climbing.

I made it through a trail that I've been working on without a dismount. Woo hoo! And I saw Frank, a local MTBer and Friend of Webster Trails.

Muni Ride at Tryon - 2010-08-07

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