Sunday, August 29, 2010

North Tryon

Usually when I ride at Tryon I start at the south end. Today I started in the north. I rode some of the trails I'm familiar with, and then explored a bit. I eventually found myself on the trail that leads north to Empire Blvd.
I was hoping to find some moderately challenging trails, but typical of Tryon, I found myself riding for a few minutes and then walking up a hill for the same. It gets old. The new trails I rode were not very exciting to me.

I took a fall on one downhill. It was rocky and rooty and at some point I couldn't stay on the line I wanted, and I fell back. I got some minor pedal bite on my left lower calf. My left forearm hit the ground and I have a minor abrasion. And I fell on my back, but once again my CamelBak saved me.

I record my rides with a GPS receiver and PDA. I protect my PDA in an aluminum "Rhino skin" case in the lower section of my CamelBak. When I got back to my car, I opened it up and found my Rhino case was dented right in front of the screen. Thankfully the PDA is fine. But it looks like whatever I fell on would have hit dead center on my spine. Holding the case in my hands right now and trying to bend it, I realize the force needed to make the dent was enough to put me out of commission. Close call.

Muni at Tryon - 2010-08-29

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