Saturday, August 7, 2010

Trail Work at Parks and Rec

I started today by working with the Friends of Webster Trails on a new trail. It's being built at the new location of the Webster Parks and Recreation center.
The map below shows the general location of the trail with a Blue trail. I didn't bring my GPS receiver with me, so this is just the general idea.

View Trail Work - 2010-08-07 in a larger map
Blue - New Trail work this morning
Green - Existing Bird Sanctuary Trail
Red - Future Hojack Trail extension
Yellow - Existing Hojack Trail

I only stayed to help for an hour, because I had made plans to ride at Tryon with Colin and Mj. I'm thinking I might help out more on that trail on a week night. It's too bad the trail work is only once a month, on a Saturday morning. I always want to ride on Saturday morning and I wouldn't mind helping out on the trails more than once a month.

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