Sunday, August 8, 2010

Basil Marella

Mj told me a about a park in Greece called Basil Marella Park. I met up with her this morning and we rode there. It has some typical trails, but it is also a disc golf park. The course is through the woods and has some decent hills. You can pretty much just ride the course from hole to hole if you want. At first I thought it might be awkward riding in the area if we'd be in the golfers' way. But there was just an occasional walker or jogger. We only saw one group of golfers playing in the few hours we were there, and they were easy to avoid.

Unfortunately at the very end of our ride, Mj got tripped up and stepped badly on her ankle. It was painful and started to swell. Long story short, it's sprained and she'll be using crutches for a week or two.
Sorry Mj! I hope you can get back on your wheel soon!

Muni at Basil Marella - 2010-08-08

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