Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bruise and Hopping

My fall on Saturday left an abrasion but no bruising, until now. It doesn't hurt as much, but it looks worse.

I've been hopping a bit, which has been useful for getting up elevated boardwalks, up to about 6" high. But I haven't been able to get over logs. Eventually I'd like to be able to do rolling hops over them. A rolling hop is riding straight and hopping, just like a bunny hop on a bike.
Like this awesome guy demonstrates here:


The alternative to rolling hops are side hops. These are the kind of hops I normally do, where I ride to a stop, turn 90 degrees, and hop up/over the obstacle.
But somehow I got into the habit of holding my seat with my left hand and hopping left. I should be using my right hand because it's stronger and it's more effective to hop towards my free arm. So two days ago I made the switch and practiced hopping with right hand.
I was surprised to find it was easy to switch and I ended up hopping better than I was before.
Unfortunately, after practicing for a good hour, the inside of my right elbow has been killing me. I remember that problem in the past with my left arm, and with my knees. So I suspect I'm just using muscles and tendons I'm not used to.
I'm side hopping while still in my seat. For bigger hops I need to learn to push my seat out in front of me (SIF).
Like this... haha:

I'll settle for hopping a log. ;-)

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