Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hot Humid Morning

As expected, temperatures reached 88°F today.  To beat the heat I rode this morning before going to work and it ranged from about 67°F when I started to 75°F at the end. The humidity was about 90% when I started, and dropped to about 75% at the end.  It actually felt hotter at the beginning.  I want my cooler temperatures back!

The trails were wet from yesterday's rain.  A few spots in Webster Park has significant standing water and mud pits.  The bugs were bad especially near the stream.  I'm sure I was the first visitor to most of the trails this morning because I cleared a lot of spider webs with my face.  It was a bit annoying.

I took some pictures of the big downed trees I can't clear and put them on a map.  I'll try to pass the locations on to park maintenance people with the hopes that they'll clear them with chainsaws.

Muni at Webster Park and Whiting - 2013-05-30

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