Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sessioning Hills at Whiting and Webster Park

I rode at Whiting today with the intent of sessioning a few of the harder hills.  Last year I climbed every hill at Whiting at one point or another.  Today I made progress, but still didn't make it to the top of many hills.

At Webster there's a hill that has several routes.  The harder one has been covered with thick leaves since last fall.  I spent some time kicking the leaves out of the way to clear a narrow path and exposing the roots.  I was happy to climb it first try.  I'm also reminded how much better it was when I did some rogue leaf blowing two falls ago.  I should probably do it this fall.

It was a hotter day than we've had, at about 77°F, and I could feel it.  Still, I rode a decent amount and had a good time.

I had another injury, but it happened before I even got riding.  I walked into one of my pedals when my unicycle was behind my car and got three cuts that were bleeding.  Nothing too bad.

Muni at Webster Park and Whiting - 2013-05-19

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