Friday, May 3, 2013

Local Muni Gathering

I took a vacation day to attend a local muni gathering at Whiting.  And it wasn't just me, Dustin, and Mj!

A group from the University of Rochester's Strong Jugglers decided to organize a muni ride.  It's rather common for jugglers to learn to unicycle.  While many of them hadn't ridden on trails before and didn't have proper muni equipment, they gave if a try and were pretty good.

Mj and Dustin were able to join in too.  All together we had 11 riders!

There were a whole lot of 20" wheels which are generally too small for muni, but that's what jugglers often use.  A few of them had narrow road/gym tires.  I was pleasantly surprised these wheels held up fine.  No one got a flat or hurt their uni, though we generally did stay of the more tame trails.

I was genuinely impressed by every rider.  A few riders demonstrated some better muni skills and I was impressed.  Sarah, the one who organized the gathering, has a KH20 and has some good skills.  She was able to side hop up (aka "peck") some significant hills.  Another girl had ridden some muni before and seemed right at home.  I saw a lot of good effort and positive attitudes from everyone.

After riding at Whiting on the Blue and Orange trails, some of us heading into Webster Park and rode some more.  Overall it was a good time and we all had fun out there.

Here's a little video I took:

Muni at Whiting and Webster Park - 2013-05-03

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