Thursday, May 16, 2013

Riding the Fruits of My Labor

I headed back to Webster Park this afternoon to ride the trails I helped clear the other day.  After doing that work there's been a place in my middle back that's been bothering me.  I must have lifted a log with my back and not my legs.  The area around one vertebrae has been sore to touch and painful in certain positions.  It's gotten better over the past week and I suspect it will not bother me at all soon.

That injury didn't cause me any problems during my ride today, but my lower back did get fatigued as it often does on technical trails.  Having these "new" trails mostly clear was nice, but riding them straight through without stepping off will take some practice.

I found one of these little pirate bags with plastic jewels hanging on a pine tree in Webster Park.  I wonder who left it there and why.  It was clean and the jewels were in a sealed plastic bag so I brought it home for my 3 year old.  She was excited.

Muni at Webster Park and Whiting - 2013-05-16

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